Gema Saiz fine art photography

Shell in the Woods



Seeing Through the Mist

Seeing Through the Mist The image is a representation of my "self" as a whole. The darkness of the path is the sum of thoughts that stream through my cluttered mind. Uncertainty and worry have become residents in its dark hollows and happiness seems to have taken a sabbatical. There are small lit areas along the way depicting the bright and happy moments that life has brought, which, at the moment, seem few and far between. I am the tree, bending in every direction to handle all that comes my way. The right elongated branch is my arm, extended to lend a hand, twisting slightly in an effort to please. The trunk is slightly curved away, as if pulling back; holding on to what strength is left in an effort to survive the tempest that is life. The bright, misty area behind the tree represents the promise of a better time and place. All I have to do is allow myself to experience "Seeing through the Mist".

Misterious Waters

Scenes from the Loxahatchee River, one of Florida's wild and scenic rivers.


Fallen trees are a common site in this river as it is untouched by human hands


The title says it all- when one enters this little secret area

Looking Glass #2

Different angle of the still waters along the river's path

Standing Alone


The boat in this picture suggests someone has stepped unto dry land,. To the right, on the fallen rock towards the back, is a translucent image of a couple embraced in a loving moment. I didn't plan for this to happen( I was looking at the boat)and decided after viewing the image to leave it, for it adds a romantic feel.It captured a tender moment without revealing who they are.

The Way Home


New growth of plant life